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Browse this site to learn more about Fragile X Syndrome, including diagnosis and testing, treatment and educational strategies. Find out more about Fragile X New Zealand, including how to join our mailing list and the things we offer. Follow the links on our web pages to get the latest information on Fragile X and related disorders. Access our latest and past newsletters here.

For more information contact our national coordinator Andrea Lee by e-mail or phone toll-free 0508 938 0552.

Thanks to everyone who attended our recent Fragile X Workshop series in Auckland and Wellington. Click HERE to view the presentations and notes.

Things to do ....

  • Visit our Facebook page: Fragile X New Zealand
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  • Watch this informative DVD online about fragile X syndrome.
  • AndreListen to Andre who has fragile X and his sister Yasmina sing ‘I’ve Got Fragile X’, written by New Zealand singer/songwriter Kath Bee. Fun for children and adults alike and a great way to learn about fragile X and raise awareness!

Dates to put in your calendar!

  • Our next Fragile X Specialist Clinical Forum with Dr Andrew Marshall will take place on 17th February 2015. Please contact our national coordinator Andrea Lee by email or phone toll-free 0508 938 0552 for more information.

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