About Us

Fragile X New Zealand is a parent-led, charitable organization that has three primary aims:

  • to raise awareness about fragile X within New Zealand
  • to assist individuals affected by fragile X to reach their full potential
  • to support New Zealand families living with fragile X

Fragile X New Zealand:

  • coordinates a national support network
  • provides up to date and evidence based information and advice about fragile X and fragile X associated disorders
  • runs local workshops and national conferences
  • maintains a library of useful books and audio-visual material
  • maintains regular contact with a global network of families, researchers & clinicians who are working to understand, treat, manage and eventually find a cure for fragile X
  • facilitates fragile X education workshops in schools nationwide
  • coordinates regular fragile X clinical forums with neuro-development paediatrician Dr Andrew Marshall

Fragile X New Zealand was established in 2000 and is currently administered by the following Board:

Chairperson: Dr Chris Hollis

Secretary: Nic Cuthbertson

Treasurer: Louise Smith

Trustees: Senorita Laukau, Lance Norman, Raymond Dickinson, Bronwyn Markey, Jude Pani

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